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201611-In this article, we propose a new concept for realizing high-efficiency SPPGiven that the length of each meta-atom is l = 6 mm and thus t

Achieving high-efficiency emission depletion nanoscopy by

20171020-in high Tm3+-doped UCNPs (Fig. 2d), and also by the strong dependence of the depletion efficiency on the Tm3+ concentration shown in Fig. 1

Ages and fundamental properties of Kepler exoplanet host

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High-efficiency robust perovskite solar cells on ultrathin

2016111-Perovskite solar cells offer a compelling combination of low-cost and high 1). The rapid progress in both device efficiency2,3,4,5,6,7,8

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Stabilized flames in high - velocity streams of propane and air

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High-resolution proxy record of the environmental response to

201833-High-resolution proxy record of the environmental -paleosol sequence of Katymár brickyard (Hungarydoi:10.1016/j.quaint.2018.03.030Pál

High-efficiency Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells: A Review

Editor-in-Chief: Schlögl, Robert Managing Editor: Tiedtke, Marion Editorial.: Photovoltaics; solar cells; silicon; heterojunctions; high efficiency

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convenient, high-efficiency multiplex genome editing in monocot and dicot Chen S, Wang Z, Chen Y, Guo J, Chen L, Zhao X, Dong Z, Liu YG

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High-efficiency small-molecule ternary solar cells with a

2018910-approach to achieve high power conversion efficiency in ternary organic S. & Yu, L. Ternary blend polymer solar cells with enhanced power


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201493-Hungary's high-quality infrastructure, labor forceThe Hungarian government encourages investments in bothCode Convention on Corruption

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efficiency to higher jet pT is estimated by l'Industrie et dans l'Agriculture (FRIA-Belgium)Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary G