high efficiency sf6/n2 mixtures in yemen

I Coll's research works | Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse

I Coll's 8 research works with 120 citations and 67 reads, including: Decomposition of high-pressure (400 kPa) SF6 and SF6/N2 (10:90) mixtures

Katunori Watabe's research works | Himeji Institute of

Katunori Watabe's 8 research works with 16 citations and 17 reads, including: Creeping flashover characteristics in (N2/SF6) gas mixture under pulse

【PDF】of VFTO Generated in a GIS with SF6-N2Gas Mixture as the

SF6-N2Gas Mixture as the Insulating Medium Santanu Singha, Joy Thomas M. and M.S. Naidu Department of High Voltage Engineering Indian Institute of

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R. Y. Pai's 34 research works with 231 citations and 208 reads, including: IMPULSE BREAKDOWN IN SF6, SF6/N2 AND SF6/N2/PERFLUOROCARBON MIXTURES

【PDF】Onset voltages in SF6-N2 gas mixtures at higher pressures and

Onset voltages in SF6-N2 gas mixtures at higher pressures and with a With its high lifetime (more than 2000 years), it accumulates in the

Decomposition of High Pressure SF6/N2 (5:95) Mixtures

(SF4+SOF2), SOF4, S02F2, S2F10, NF3.Previous studies on the decomposition of SF6/N2 (10:90) mixtures under coronas3 showed that, with no



Transport coefficients in arc plasma of SF6–N2 mixtures

We compute thermal and electrical conductivity coefficients as a function of temperature for different compositions of the N2–SF6 mixture. The method we


high voltage (HV) conductor or attached on the Dry air, N2, CO2, and N2/SF6 mixtures for Guide on use of premium efficiency IE3 (IEC

simulation of SF6/N2 in non-uniform field and extra high

SF<sub>6</sub> is the most commonly used insulating gas in electrical systems. But In these days SF<sub>6</sub>

Insulation properties of a CO2/N2 50% SF6 gas mixture in a

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Pure SF6 and SF6-N2 mixture gas hydrates equilibrium and

In this study, we investigated the pure SF6 and SF6-N2 mixture gas hydrates formation equilibrium aswell asthe gas separation efficiency in the hydrate

at a gas/solid interface in a 10 % SF6/N2 mixture stressed

Simulation of prebreakdown phenomena at a gas/solid interface in a 10 % SF6/N2 mixture stressed by very fast transient voltages. In: IEEE

corona discharge in SF6 and SF6/N2 gas mixtures at high

The European Physical Journal Applied Physics (EPJ AP) an international journal devoted to the promotion of the recent progresses in all fields

electrical insulation performances of sf6n2 gas mixtures

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Research on the synergy of SF6/N2 mixture gas in low

Under the excitation of a negative DC high voltage, the breakdown voltage of the SF6/N2 mixture gas is measured at a temperature of 0 to -15°C

Surface Discharge Simulation In Sf6 And N2 Mixtures With A

Downloadable (with restrictions)! SF6–N2 mixtures are becoming the best alternative for SF6 in electrical systems. Plasmachemical modeling and the results

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To improve the efficiency of computing and reducedischarge in 50~50% SF6/N2 gas mixtures and its high degrees of chemical inertness and

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Daiyo Shibutani's 2 research works with 5 citations and 21 reads, including: Impulse Creepage Discharge Propagation Mechanisms in N2/SF6 Gas Mixtures. Dai

partial discharge activity in 10∶90 SF6-N2 gas mixtures

sulphur compounds electric strength gas mixtures nitrogen partial discharges SF6-N2 metallic particle induced partial discharge high-voltage application gas


200998-The equilibrium and kinetic characteristics of pure SF6 and SF6-N2 gas mixtures are investigated in order to evaluate the SF6 separation eff

【PDF】on the Breakdown Voltages of SF6-N2 mixture", High Voltage

Ward, " Optimum SF6-N2, SF6-Air, SF6-CO2 Mixtures Based on Particle Contamination ", Conference Record of the 2000 IEEE International Symposium on

as Efficient Sites for the Separation of SF6 from N2 -

FULL TEXT Abstract: SF6 and SF6-N2 mixed gases are used widely as insulators, but such gases have high greenhouse gas potential. The separation of SF6

corona discharge simulations of rod-plate gap in sf6n2 gas

Results of a comparative study of SiN x , SiO 2 and Si etching in high- and low-density O 2 – N 2 based plasmas with small additions of SF 6

The calculation of arc conductance in SF6-N2 mixture gas

20151025-Read "The calculation of arc conductance in SF6-N2 mixture gas circuit breaker" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly


Yasuhiro Maeda's 2 research works with 14 citations and 26 reads, including: Application problems of N2/SF6 mixtures to gas-insulated bus. Yasuhiro Maeda

Discharges on a Dielectric Surface in SF6-N2 Mixtures | NIST

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on the Lightning Impulse Breakdown in SF6 / N2 Mixtures |

SF6 / N2 mixtures (1 to 20 % of SF6), over a pressure range of 0.1 MPa to 0.5 MPa for gaps of 5 mm to 80 mm with rod diameter of 0

growth in supercooled flows of SF6/N2 and UF6/N2 mixtures

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5, Issue 6, June 2016 SF6 N2 Mixtures for Application in EHV Gas Insulated Systems Shailesh R Joshi1, Prof.S S Hadpe2 PG Student, Dept. of