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Urinary Calprotectin loses specificity as tumour marker due

2019314-high-grade patients (596.8 [91.8–1655.5OR 3.2, 95% CI 2.5–3.8, p = 0.001)efficiency of the local immune response [20]

K+ transporter gene contributing to salt tolerance in

higher salt-tolerance, because the expression responding to salt stress [1, 2, 3, 4].of ≥2-fold and adjusted P-value ≤0.001

Development of compact high efficiency microstructured

201552-higher (6.118 × 1022 cm−3) than in pure0.001 N/A N/A Absolute efficiency (McGregor Symposium, Seoul, Korea, October 27–November 2

Soluble Aβ Rescues Cognitive and Synaptic Impairment in a

We first examined the rate and efficiency of higher in untreated mice than in dox-treated p < 0.001), and by day 3 spent a

Chronic Effects of Fusarium Mycotoxins in Rations with or

(CON30 and MYC30) or high (CON60 and MYC603.69 3.89 0.10 <0.001 0.12 0.58 0.28 RQUICKI: revised quantitative insulin ivity

High-quantum-efficiency Er3script fiber lasers pumped at 980 nm

High-quantum-efficiency Er3script fiber lasers pumped at 980 nmReference 2 doi:10.1364/OL.14.001002ABSTRACT Significant improvements in

Factors of Low Birth Weight Risk in the Department of

(p = 0.001) which multiplies by 3 the risk higher in primiparous and Kangulu IB [17] who low efficiency of placental function at this age

LRMAM1206-R001FT5 TT Electronics/Welwyn | Resistors | DigiKey

Order today, ships today. LRMAM1206-R001FT5 – 1 mOhms ±1% 1W Chip Resistor 1206 (3216 Metric) Automotive AEC-Q200, Current Sense Metal Element

Effect of novel inhaler technique reminder labels on the

with relatively high prevalence amongst indigenous 3 monthsa 16 (62%) 3 (12%) <0.001 TH efficiency of inhaler education, by decreasing the

Evaluation Boards from ON Semiconductor

(III) a model only with kinematic metrics, and path straight deviation and trajectory efficiency,001, with the highest correlation coefficient, r

between face-emotion recognition and social function in

(r = 0.29, p = 0.037) in the young variability in reaction time (p = 0.001). efficiency of top-down attentional control [43–

between face-emotion recognition and social function in

(r = 0.29, p = 0.037) in the young variability in reaction time (p = 0.001). efficiency of top-down attentional control [43–

0.3mm Silver Iron Wire(MW-R001-0.3mm-07) - Iron Wire, Silver,

Iron Wire, Silver, 0.3mm, about 20m/roll, 10rolls/set(MW-R001-0.3mm, 24 Compartments, about 19.6cm long, 13.3cm wide, 3.7cm high(C095Y

Electronic alerts, comparative practitioner metrics, and

FULL TEXT Abstract: Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis remains underutilized in hospitalized medical patients at high risk for venous thromboembolism. We

Responses of Salt Marsh Plant Rhizosphere Diazotroph

R 3.3.2 [64] and the package lme4 was used in mixed-effects modeling0.001) of plant zones based on their location in the marsh (high

R J Scheper's research works | Amsterdam University Medical

R J Scheper's 307 research works with 14,822 citations and 1,001 reads, including: Increased epidermal thickness and abnormal epidermal differentiation in

Mediates the Effect of Emotional Labor in Korean Nurses |

in Korea, was used to measure emotional labor [(r = 0.43, p < 0.001) and anger high degree of emotional labor, who tended to

Impact of level of rumen undegradable protein on in-vitro

medium and high levels of rumen undegradable efficiency of feed conversion, processing and 1.41 0.003 184.28a 196.19b 1.15 <0.001

Clinicopathologic implications of the miR-197/PD-L1 axis in

higher AJCC stages (3-4) (P = 0.010, P = P = 0.027 r = 0.271 P = 0.037 r = CD3+ TIL number P <0.001 r = 0.585 P <

Cardiac Patients’ Experiences and Perceptions of Social

7 Helen Glinatsis, RN, CNC,8 and Robyn Gallagher, RN, MN, BA, PhD3[47/203], P<.001), had a secondary education qualification or higher (

Evolution of organismal stoichiometry in a long-term

leading to a higher proportion of the element increased from 1.9 to 2.3% (p<0.001). It may be that carbon-use efficiency (the

in three wetlands in the Han River estuary, South Korea |

Background Han River estuary is a national wetland reserve near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between South Korea and North Korea. This trans-

DNA methylation map in circulating leukocytes mirrors

Among these CpGs, 13 exhibited high methylation levels, and 66 exhibited <0.001), PODXL (r=0.70; p<0.001) and SMAD3 (r=0.74; p<0.001

Tl[sub]3[/sub]AsSe[sub]3[/sub] Crystal: A High-Efficiency

[sub]3[/sub] Crystal: A High-Efficiency Acousto-Optic And Opto-ElectronicCO2 laser on both the P and R branches of the (001)-(100) CO2 band

The effect of depressive symptoms on cognition in patients

(scores between 20–28) and high (scores habitual sleep efficiency, sleep disturbances, use 34.6 (10.3) 12.7 (7.9) 1.0 <0.001

Peri-treatment change of anorectal function in patients with

(p < 0.001) and MRP (p < 0.001) and cT3 patients, which was higher than the 31.0%J Korean Med Assoc. 2003;46:620–628. 10

Prognostic ability of the German version of the STarT Back

-K74.6, N18.0, N18.3–4, N18.9, R-Risk 24.10 (20.06) 21.86 < 0.001 therapies: access, effectiveness and efficiency

Are individuals with higher psychopathic traits better

Given community and student samples with higher (2) PPI-R total and factor scores, (3) .72 267.48±17.37 336.97±16.78 P<0.001

Evaluation Boards from ON Semiconductor

(+3°C) and UVBR (+20%), at two different(IPCC 2007) and the high-UVBR scenario for Cryptophyceae <0.001 (+) NS <0.001 (−


higher locomotor efficiency in their juvenile (relative to putatively neutral markers; R. P≤ 0.001; DFA scores: χ2= 3.97, P