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Higher education (related) choices in Portugal: joint

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FERMA forum draws 1,030 to Portugal.(Federation of European

FERMA forum draws 1,030 to Portugal.(Federation of European Risk Management Associations)(Brief Article)

Web-based Technological Solution for Haemophilia in Portugal

Registry: A Web-based Technological Solution for Haemophilia in Portugaldoi:10.1007/978-3-030-02053-8_148International Conference on Human

A Versatile Visual Navigation System for Autonomous Vehicles

doi:10.1007/978-3-030-14984-0_8Filip MajerCzech Technical UniversityLucieDavid PortugalIngeniarius, Ltd.Micael CouceiroIngeniarius, Ltd.Tomáš

System to Help Analyze Forest Fire Data in Portugal

‘Portugal Without Fires’, A Data Visualization System to Help Analyze Forest Fire Data in Portugaldoi:10.1007/978-3-030-06134-0_55Duarte Gonçalves


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Is there a risk-taking channel of monetary policy in Portugal?

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R02: 0.2% of rosemary supplementation; Nrf-2: nuclear erithroid factor Priscila Portugal dos SantosAndréa de Freitas GonçalvesAna Angélica Henrique

Portugal, November 21–23, 2018, Proceedings | João L

ISBN 978-3-030-12949-1 Free shipping for held in Guimarães, Portugal, in November 2018Online Book Review Copy Download High-Resolution

cross section of proton–nucleus in the ultra-high-energy

in the Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray domain L. (L. Portugal), (T. Rev. D 63 (2001) 054030, hep-ph/0009119

Location Choices of Multinational Firms: The Case of Mergers

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Grover's Algorithm: Quantum Database Search

C. Lavor, L. R. V. Manssur, R. Portugal, “Grover’s Algorithm: Quantum Database Search”, arXiv: quant-ph/0301079v1, May 25, 2006

Charm Physics - A Field Full with Challenges and Opportunities

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