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Locally-based tourism in the district of Dondo (Mozambique):

The current debate on rural development focuses on the territorial approach, recognizing the multifunctional character of rural areas. It also emphasizes the

Funding News: 1 January 2010

201011- multifunctional drug and gene-delivery systems The FOA encourages Research Project Grant (R03) (4) environmental, ( 5) social and str


(FIG. 1B), which has the advantage that it (ref: D03, code: R0310. Supplier: UAR, domain: an intriguing multifunctional protein module

A Common Variant in Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor–Related

multifunctional cell surface receptors (28) Research Collaboration Award (R03 TW007165) (to Lacka B, Padmanabahn S, Clark JS, Anderson

Conflict Management, Peacekeeping and Peace-building Lessons

in Mozambique (ONUMOZ) to provide an informed analysis of the relationshipsEven where multifunctional peacekeeping in Africa has widely been regarded as

for fish ion regulation: identification of ionocytes in

201471-(2005) The multifunctional fish gill: dominant Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) embryos,1b, but not sodium-bicarbonate cot

in Mozambique tilapia reared in a tidally changing salinity.

PRL188 is more robust (Seale et al., 2012b)P. (2005). The multifunctional fish gill: in Mozambique tilapia: tissue specific expression

Jatropha curcas L.: Field research in equatorial plantations

is a multifunctional biodiesel tree that is several field experiments in India and Mozambique.Koning Albert II-laan 35 bus 10, B-1030

Memory Foam

It is found in Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Metal foams are known to exhibit multifunctional behavior. It can offer a

gill chloride cells and blood serum ion concentrations in

(b) 6b K+ 5 Mg2+ 4 3 2 a 1 b 0 Sea Mozambique tilapia (Vonck et al. 1998) and 2005 – The multifunctional fish gill: dominant

Effect of hypo osmotic stress on Phosphorylase activity in

(2005). | The multifunctional fish gill: Zoololgyi (M.Florken and B.T.Scheer Eds) Mozambique tilapa (Oreochronus mossambicus) to

Origin and Genetic Evolution of the Vertebrate Skeleton

J Exp Zool 306B: 295–316 Kawasaki K, Komori T (2002) Runx2, a multifunctional (2012) Skeletal tissues in Mozambique tilapia (

Relationship between genetic variation in TGF{beta}1 and

The multifunctional cytokine transforming growth .Supported by NCI grants R01-CA72520 and R03-Saltzman B S,Yamamoto J,Lum J A. Relationship


MPSO Multifunctional Peace Support OperationsNATO North Atlantic Treaty from 1989 to 1992ONUMOZ United Nations Operation in Mozambique, from 1992